Follow certain best practices to ensure optimal performance of the vRealize Operations Aggregator Management Pack.

  • Do not modify the out-of-the-box shipped configuration file. Create a file, copy the content of the out of the box file and make additions to this new file.
  • Do not remove objects or metrics included in the out-of-the-box configuration file as it impacts the content of the out-of-the-box dashboards.
  • Once you have created a configuration file, it is required to stop the collection on the Aggregator Management Pack, change the configuration file name to reflect the newly created file and start the collection again. The Aggregator adapter will now start collecting the additional objects and metrics.
  • Version control the configuration files with proper naming conventions and version numbers.

  • Avoid adding objects and metrics which are not required to be collected.
  • Test your newly created configuration file with a test instance of child vRealize Operations Manager instance before applying it to your production systems.
  • The collection of Aggigated metrics from child vRealize Operations Manager monitored by Aggregator Management Pack is not managed in policies. The addition and removal of metrics and properties is managed directly inside the configuration file. Only the metrics and properties configured in the federation_config file are collected. The collection of configured metrics and properties can be disabled and re-enabled from policy.