Updated on:11 APR 2019

VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for NSX-T | 11 APR 2019 | Build 13061201

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:


  • VMware vRealize Operations Management pack for NSX-T provides inventory monitoring of the following NSX-T resources:
    • Controller clusters
    • Edge clusters
    • Logical routers
    • Transport zones and Transport nodes
    • Load balancers
    • Firewall
    • Management services
    • File system usage metrics for individual nodes in the controller cluster
    • Number of bytes transmitted/received
    • Packet drop metrics for the ethernet interfaces.
  • More than 10 out of the box alerts for management services, logical switches, edge nodes, and other services.


For compatibility between products, please refer to the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices.

Known Issues

  • Openstack's NSX-T upgrade fails if you first install the Management Pack for NSX-T on vRealize Operations Manager

    If vRealize Operations Manager is already installed with NSX-T 2.0 MP first, the Openstack MP upgrade fails when we install the Management Pack for Openstack 5.0 on that same vROps setup. Openstack's NSX-T will not display latest details of NSX-T 2.0 as the override fails.



    Install the Management Pack for Openstack 5.0 before installing the Management Pack for NSX-T 2.0.

  • Management Pack for NSX-T contains the NSS service resource type

    The Management Pack for NSX-T display the details of NSS services resources under its inventory. However, the Management Pack for NSX-T does not collect data for NSS services.


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