VMware vRealize Operations Tenant App | 30 APR 2019 | Build 13473471

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:


The vRealize Operations Tenant App 2.2 provides metering capabilities that allow the service providers to chargeback their customer base and individual customers to review their billing data.

What's New

The vRealize Operations Manager Tenant App 2.2 introduces the following new features:

  • New SKU Chargeback powered by vRealize Operations Manager is available as part of Flex core bundle. Metering/Chargeback and Administration capabilities of vRealize Operations Tenant App are included in the vRealize Operations Core and Standard editions Add-ons of VCPP Flex core bundle.
  • Itemized classification of billing details with additional layers of granularity and clear hierarchy is established for each pricing model in the bill generation.
  • Enhanced usability by providing ability to edit any specific component level prices without going through the entire flow of editing pricing policy.
  • Validation of the following deployment configurations:
    • Single vRealize Operations Manager with multiple remote collectors with vCD and Tenant app instances.
    • Federated vRealize Operations Manager instance with multiple vRealize Operations Manager instances with vCD and Tenant app.


For compatibility between products, please refer to the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices.

Known Issues

  • Perform new Privilege Check for APIs that are being used by the vCloud Director Plugin

    vRealize Operation Manager 7.5 has introduced a new Privilege Check for APIs that are being used by the vCloud Director Plugin. The vCloud Director plugin uses a special user that belongs to the "VCD Tenant Admin" group. Add the privilege "administration.accesscontrol.viewpage" to the "VCD Tenant Admin" group while creating it in the vRealize Operation Manager from Tenant App.

    Workaround : The users upgrading from older versions of the Tenant App have to perform certain manual operations from the UI and API.

    1. Go to Administration -> Access -> Access Control -> Roles
    2. Select the "VCD Tenant Admin" role.
    3. Edit Permission
    4. Select Administration-> Access-> Access Control-> View Access Control Page
    5. Click Update

    POST /api/auth/roles/VCD Tenant Admin/privileges
    JSON :
    "privilege-key" : [ "View Access Control Page" ]

    Note: No workaround required for users who have newly deployed the Tenant App.

  • Access Denied for vCloud Director Operations Manager Plugin, as the new permission is not added for the existing plugin user in vRealize Operations Manager

    Due to the new permission 'administration.accesscontrol.viewpage' that is added for the vCloud Director Tenant Admin Role in vRealize Operations Manager, the message 'Access Denied' is displayed in Operations Manager Plugin in vCloud Director.


    1. Login to Tenant App as admin user.
    2. Go to Administration -> Access Management -> Access Management.
    3. Disable the Organizations for which the Plugin has been enabled, and then Enable again.
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