You can create an email outbound through which the emails have to be sent.


Ensure that you have an account that you can use as the connection account for the email server. If you choose to require authentication, you must also know the password for this account.


  1. On the left pane, click Administration > Configure.
  2. Under Create Email Outbound, click Create and enter the following details.
    Option Description
    Name Enter a name for the outbound.
    Description Provide a description for the outbound.
    Use Secure Connection Enables secure communication encryption using SSL/TLS. If you select this option, you must select a method in the Secure Connection Type drop-down menu.
    Requires Authentication Enables authentication on the email user account that you use to configure this SMTP instance. If you select this option, you must provide a password for the user account.
    SMTP Host Enter a URL or IP address of your email host server.
    SMTP Port Enter the default port SMTP that is used to connect with the server.
    Secure Connection Type Select either SSL/TLS as the communication encryption method used in your environment from the drop-down menu. You must select a connection type if you select Use Secure Connection.
    User Name Email user account that is used to connect to the email server.
    Password Password for the connection user account. A password is required if you select Requires Authentication.
    Sender Email Address Enter the email address of the sender.
    Sender Name Enter a name for the sender email address.
  3. Click Save.

What to do next

You can configure emails for the outbound that you just created. For details, see Configuring Emails.