As part of the enhanced Customer Experience Improvement Program ("CEIP"), Tenant App collects certain technical data about the organization's use of VMware products and services regularly. This data is collected to allow VMware diagnose and improve its products and services, fix product issues, provide technical support, and to advise you on how to deploy and use VMware's products.

Configuring VMware products to participate in the CEIP allows the Tenant App to send product usage data to VMWare as part of the Customer Experience Improvement Program. You can disable your participation in this program at any time.


For additional information regarding the CEIP, refer to the Trust and Assurance Center at Customer Experience Improvement Program.


  1. In the Tenant App UI, click Admin and select CEIP Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Join the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program option to enable the program or deselect the option to disable the program.
  3. Click Ok to save your preference.