This topic includes definitions and descriptions of certain MEDITECH terminology used within the Management Pack and its supporting documentation.

Term Description
ABS Abstracting
ADM Admissions (Administrative Department)
ANP Allows modules to communicate with different MEDITECH components. Spikes in ANP Server information can be critical, indicating that the ANP service is not able to keep up with disk activity and communications may be halted.
AP Accounts Payable (Financial Department)
APR Ambulatory Patient Record
ARM Authorization of Referral Management (Administrative Department)
Background Job Clients Designated application machines designed for background processing
BAR Billing and Accounts Receivable (Financial Department)
CMS Corporate Management Software (Operations Department)
DKACT A time-sharing protection mechanism describing the length of the queue for a certain resource or database structure
DR Data Repository (Operations Department)
EDM Emergency Department Management (Clinical Department)
ESS Executive Support (Financial Department)
FA Fixed Assets (Financial Department)
File Servers Responsible for all database and file management functions within the MEDITECH environment
GL General Ledger (Financial Department)
HCIS Health Care Information System
HR Human Resources
LAB Laboratory (Clinical Department)
M/AT MEDITECH Advanced Technology
MEDITECH Application MEDITECHʹs tool for MEDITECH application monitoring. It consolidates data collected from various resources into a single data file, the SIRT file. The Care Systems Analytics for MEDITECH management pack uses the MEDITECH SIRT file to gather information about resources and metrics from the environment running MEDITECH.

MEDITECH’s resource data file, the Statistical Information Retrieval Tool (SIRT). This file:

  • Allows for important site statistical information to be communicated back to MEDITECH from the MEDITECH installation site.
  • Allows MEDITECH to be more proactive in supporting customers.
MIG MEDITECH Internet Gateway
MIS Management Information System (Operations Department)
MM Materials Management (Financial Department)
MRI Medical Record Index (Administrative Department)
MRM Medical Record Management (Administrative Department)
mtJo Lock Retries A metric that should be close to flatline
NPR Non-Procedural Representation (Report Writer module)
NUR Nursing (Clinical Department)
OE Order Entry (Clinical Department)
PBR Physician Billing & Receivables
PCM Physician Care Manager (Clinical Department)
PHA Pharmacy (Clinical Department)
PP Payroll & Personnel (Financial Department)
PWM Provider Workflow Management
QM Quality Management (Administrative Department)
RAD Radiology (Clinical Department)
RXM Prescription Order Management (Clinical Department)
SCA Scanning and Archive
SCH Scheduling (CWS - Community Wide Scheduling)
SS Staffing and Scheduling
UNV Universe
UPT Update Tool