Before you install the Management Pack for MEDITECH, you must prepare the MEDITECH SIRT files share.


  1. On your vSphere network:

    1. Set up a 1 GB SMB/CIFS share for the MEDITECH SIRT files share.

    2. Create a service user account with read/write permissions to that share.

      This share will be used by MEDITECH to send information to the MEDITECH adapter, and by the adapter to retrieve the information.

      Note: Both MEDITECH and the MEDITECH Management Pack require the login credentials to the SIRT share.
  2. Contact your MEDITECH HCIS administrator and request they set up SIRT sharing for your version of the MEDITECH adapter.

    Provide the SMB/CIFS share details and the service account credentials you created in Step 1.

  3. When SIRT sharing is set up from the MEDITECH side, check that .sirt files are periodically copied to SMB/CIFS share.

What to do next