You can load your custom MIB if a device requires MIB files that are not shipped with SNMP Management Pack.


Copy the MIB files and all itsdependent MIB files under conf/mibs. The default installation location of SNMP is $ALIVE_BASE/user/plugins/inbound/snmp_adapter3/conf/mibs folder.


  1. For a multinode environment, enable SSH to all vRealize Operations Manager nodes.
  2. Provide executive permission to update the file and run the MIB file update script to import the MIB files. The MIB update script is available in the $ALIVE_BASE/user/plugins/inbound/snmp_adapter3/conf folder.
  3. Check the mib-import.log file for any errors. The script generates the mib-import.log file in the conf folder. Errors commonly occur when the dependent MIB files are not present in the conf/mibs folder.
  4. Open the conf/describe.xml file in a text editor and increase the version number. For example, if the version is '7', then change it to '8'.
  5. Repeat the procedure from Step 1 through Step 4 in all vRealize Operations Manager nodes.
  6. Log in to vRealize Operations Manager as an administrator.
  7. In the Administration page, click Support > Redescribe and then, click REDESCRIBE.

    The custom MIB files are added to the SNMP Management Pack. You can select the custom MIB from the MIB File drop-down menu while configuring the adapter instance.


    Only those MIB files which have levels with numeric data will appear in drop-down menu.