Recent Tasks provide the status of a workflow after you execute it. View the recent tasks to see if the workflow executed correctly. If any workflow is in the failed/unknown state, you will get a notification in the alerts window with the details of the resources for which the workflow failed. If there are multiple failures, they are combined, and the alert is cleared in the next collection cycle.

Note: If a workflow which was triggered as part of automatic remediation fails, you must run the workflow manually to remediate the alert. Management Pack for vRealize Operations Manager will not execute the workflow that was triggered as part of automatic remediation if it fails the first time, even if the alert is still active.


  1. From the main menu of vRealize Operations Manager click Administration.
  2. From the left pane, click Recent Tasks under History.
  3. Select the workflow task from the list of recent tasks. You can view details of the selected task in the bottom pane.