The vRealize Orchestrator Workflows Overview dashboard displays information about the vRealize Orchestrator adapter and workflows.

The vRealize Orchestrator Workflows Overview dashboard displays the following widgets by default.

vRealize Orchestrator Adapter Instances

You can view a list of vRealize Orchestrator adapters that you have configured in this widget. The widget displays the name of the adapter, adapter type, object type, policy applied, collection state, and collection status. Click on an adapter instance to view the properties of the adapter in the vRealize Orchestrator Instance Properties widget.

vRealize Orchestrator Instance Properties

Displays the properties of the vRealize Orchestrator adapter instances. You can view the adapter instance name and vRealize Orchestrator host settings.

vRO Health

Displays the status of the health-related alerts for the vRealize Orchestrator adapter instance. The state of the badge is based on your alert definitions. Click the badge to see the Summary tab for objects or groups configured in the widget. From the Summary tab you can begin determining what caused the current state. If the widget is configured for an object that has descendants, you should also check the state of descendants. Child objects might have alerts that do not impact the parent.

Top 10 Executed Workflows

Displays a count of the top 10 most frequently run workflows. This count includes workflows that have executed both successfully and unsuccessfully.

Number of Successful and Failed Executions

Displays the number of success and failed workflow executions. You can optionally modify the workflow execution metric collection time.

  1. Log in to the vRealize Operations Manager instance.
  2. Navigate to the properties file located in the path: /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/user/plugins/inbound/vRealizeOrchestratorAdapter3/conf /

  3. Edit the file and set the value for the key WORKFLOW_EXEXCUTION_METRIC_COLLECTION_INTERVAL = 720

    This value affects the Number of Success and Failed Executions widget in the vRealize Orchestrator Workflows Overview dashboard. The value you specify here decides the rate/frequency at which the workflow execution success/failure metrics will be updated in vRealize Operations Manager. The default value is 720 minutes.


Displays a data grid with objects in the inventory. The default configuration of the data grid appears in Object List Widget Options section. You can customize it by adding or removing default columns.


Displays a data grid with list of vRealize Orchestrator workflows.

Number of Execution

Displays a metric chart of the workflow that you selected in the Top-10 Executed Workflows widget. You can use this information to monitor the workload of your workflows over time

Workflow Input Parameters

Displays the input parameters which was provided for executed workflows.