When the workflow is targeted for a Virtual Machine object, the workflow is run for the supported VM parent object types. The following table describes the supported VM parent object types on which the workflow can be run.

Parent Object Object Type
VMFolder VirtualMachine
ResourcePool VirtualMachine
HostSystem VirtualMachine
ClusterComputeResource HostSystem
HostFolder HostSystem
Datacenter Datastore
HostSystem Datastore
DatastoreFolder Datastore
StoragePod Datastore
ClusterComputeResource ResourcePool
Datacenter ClusterComputeResource
Datacenter VmwareDistributedVirtualSwitch
NetworkFolder VmwareDistributedVirtualSwitch
Datacenter DistributedVirtualPortgroup
VmwareDistributedVirtualSwitch DistributedVirtualPortgroup
NetworkFolder DistributedVirtualPortgroup
VMwareAdapterInstance Datacenter
Datacenter VMFolder
Datacenter HostFolder
Datacenter NetworkFolder
Datacenter DatastoreFolder