Run a vRealize Orchestrator workflow from an alert to resolve issues reported by vRealize Operations Manager.

You can execute a vRealize Orchestrator workflow from vRealize Operations Manager.


Verify that you have configured the Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator.


  1. In the menu, select Alerts, then click All Alerts in the left pane.
  2. The are displayed on the right pane. They may be grouped either by Time, Criticality, Definition or Object Type.
  3. Select an alert in the All Alerts page.
    The alert details opens in the right pane.
  4. Click the Show Columns icon on the bottom left. Select the Action checkbox. to show the actions column.
  5. If the alert recommendation has an associated action, click the Run Action button.


You can check if the task has been completed to verify if the workflow has executed. To check the status of the task, go to the Recent Tasks section under History in the Administration menu.