You can run vRealize Orchestrator workflows from vRealize Operations Manager after you install and configure the Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator. You can run workflows to remediate alerts in vRealize Operations Manager or automate tasks.

Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator supports the following types of workflows:
  • Custom vCenter package workflows.
  • User defined vCenter workflows in vRealize Orchestrator
  • Out of the box (OOTB) workflows which ship with the Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator.

You can map these workflows as actions to alerts via recommendations. A Run Action button is displayed when vRealize Operations Manager displays the alerts. Using the Run Action button, you can execute the workflows.

You can map the user-defined workflows from vRealize Orchestrator after you discover them in vRealize Operations Manager. If you have user-defined workflow packages, you can discover the package in vRealize Operations Manager and map each workflow in the package to actions. You can also map custom vCenter workflows.

Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator ships with 15 out of the box workflows. This does not include the python based actions. They are automatically mapped to the alerts via recommendations.

You can create a new policy or modify an existing policy for automated workflow execution when the vSphere objects governed by the policy receives alerts. The Reconnect Host workflow is an out of the box workflow which supports automated execution. To automate the workflow execution, you must apply the policy to a custom group called vRealize Orchestrator Adapter Managed Objects. This group contains the vSphere objects.

Automated workflow execution is possible on workflows which have only one input parameter. The input parameter is the object name itself. To automate workflows which have more than one input parameter, you can add the input parameter data inside the action script of the workflow because automated workflow execution supports only one input parameter.

Using Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator to Scale Up your Infrastructure

You can use Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator workflows to scale up your infrastructure and quickly act upon capacity related alerts.

For example, your VI Admin receives an alert that a VM is low on memory. If the alert is mapped to the Custom Reconfigure VM workflow with predefined values to increase the RAM in the VM, you can configure the workflow to be automatically executed. When the alert is received, vRealize Operations Manager triggers the action to reconfigure the VM and the memory is scaled up in the VM against which the alert is received.