The vRealize Operations Management Pack for NSX for vSphere extends the operational management capabilities of the vRealize Operations platform to the areas of virtual and physical data center networking.

The vRealize Operations Management Pack for NSX for vSphere correlates information between the vCenter adapter in which NSX services are hosted and running, and the NSX manager adapter. The management pack merges networking-related concepts and logic in a single location and enables the following features:

  • Visibility of all NSX networking services deployed in each vSphere cluster, including NSX manager, NSX controllers, and NSX data plane services such as logical switch, routers, firewalls, and so on. Several predefined widgets are used for representing NSX services.
  • Visibility of vSphere hosts in NSX transport zones, in or across multiple vSphere clusters, for seeing the mobility and routing spans.
  • Search and navigate to functions for obtaining the operations health of deployed NSX objects.
  • Embedded dependency rules of logical and physical networking relationships for problem alerting and root-cause problem solving. This feature includes detection and alerting of NSX configuration, connectivity, and health problems. All alerts are consolidated in a vRealize Operations alert interface.
  • Extension of the core vRealize Operations health and risk analytics engine for the inclusion of NSX object key performance and health indicators.
  • Ability to draw end to end logical network topologies between any two selected virtual machines or NSX objects helps provide visibility into logical connectivity. Physical host and network device relationship in this view also helps in isolating problems in the logical or physical network.
  • Advanced troubleshooting capabilities such as checking the connectivity between two Virtual Tunneling End Points by running a ping between two hosts.
  • Report templates to generate reports for NSX for vSphere objects.
  • Prepackaged with the vRealize Log Insight content pack to enable additional logging capabilities of NSX for vSphere objects and alerts.
  • Prepacked with the Management Pack for Network Devices to enable discovery and monitoring of the physical switches in the NSX environment.