You can manage multiple vCenter NSX environments from a single primary NSX Manager with VMware NSX for vSphere 6.2. The Management Pack for NSX for vSphere provides the NSX-vSphere Universe dashboard to monitor your cross-vCenter NSX environment.

The NSX-vSphere Universe dashboard is not displayed on the vRealize Operations Manager Home page by default. You can display the dashboard on the Home page by clicking the Content icon, and selecting NSX-vSphere Universe. Then, click the Configure icon, and select Add Dashboard(s) to Home.

Table 1. NSX-vSphere Universe Dashboard Widgets
Widget Description
Primary Managers Shows the primary NSX Managers in your cross-vCenter NSX environment. The primary NSX Manager is used to deploy a universal controller cluster that provides the control pane for the cross-vCenter NSX environment.

Monitor the secondary NSX Managers in your environment with the NSX-vSphere Main dashboard.

Universal Objects Displays the managers, controllers, and universal routers connected to the primary NSX Manager.
Active Alerts Displays a list of alerts open in the environment.
Universal Transport Layer Heat map that shows the health of each transport node connected to the universal transport zone. Transport nodes are ESX hosts that are registered with NSX, and grouped by transport zones.

You can view the health, workload, and network workload for each host by selecting the required option from the Configurations drop-down menu.

Top Universal Networks by Traffic (KBps) Lists the five universal switches in the environment that are currently experiencing the most network traffic.