vRealize Operations Management Pack for VMware Integrated OpenStack | 14 APR 2020 | Build 15965103

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:


vRealize Operations Management Pack for VMware Integrated OpenStack extends the operational management capabilities of the vRealize Operations platform to provide operational control of VMware Integrated OpenStack environments.

What's New

The Management Pack for NSX-T is part of vRealize Operations Manager 8.1 and the dependency is removed from Openstack 5.1.1.

There are no enhancements in the functionality of this Management Pack.


The Management Pack for VMware Integrated OpenStack has been tested up to a scale of 3,000 objects with acceptable results. It is expected that the theoretical object scale limit of this management pack will match that of the vRealize Operations platform. We recommend that close observation of system health be taken when deploying in environments that significantly exceed these test limits.

For a large-scale environment containing 10,000 objects (5000 of them active and the other 5000 inactive), the collection time will be approximately 18 minutes. If you disable the ceilometer service in VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.1.1, the collection time will improve.


For compatibility between products, please refer to the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices.


  • Ensure that the VMware Integrated OpenStack environment and the vRealize Operations Manager are all in the same time zone and use the same NTP servers.
  • Disable Ceilometer as monitoring is done through Management Pack for VMware Integrated OpenStack. If ceilometer is enabled, then ensure that you configure Ceilometer to sample data every 5 minutes.
  • Do not configure Management Pack for NSX for Multi-Hypervisor even though it has been installed along with VMware Integrated OpenStack Management Pack 5.1.1.

Known Issues

  • The Management Pack for VMware Integrated OpenStack will not discover projects if the user configured for the adapter instance has not been assigned to the projects

    Workaround: For all projects to be discovered, ensure that the configured user is assigned to all projects in the VMware Integrated OpenStack.

  • In the OpenStack Services Dashboard, the Widget Controller Service Metrics fails to load data for few objects.


    1. Edit the widget controller service metrics.
    2. Clear Metric Configuration which by default will be OpenStack Controller Service Metrics.
    3. Save the widget.
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