The OpenStack Projects dashboard provides you with a list of all OpenStack projects, and the ability to view quota usage, provisioned objects, and alerts for each project.

Table 1. OpenStack Projects Dashboard Widgets
Widget Description
Project Quota Usage Displays the current quota usage of each project in the environment, and enables you to see if a project is close to reaching one of its quota limits. Each project is represented by a box. Each box is proportionate to the size of the project quota. In addition, a threshold is defined at 80% of the quota, at which point the box starts to turn red.

You can view the Projects instance, vCPU, and vRAM, by selecting the required configuration from the Configurations drop-down menu.

Project Inventory Provides a view of the objects that the project has provisioned and how they are connected together. The view expands from Project, to virtual machine to switch.

To display an extended view that includes other connected objects, right-click an object, select Expand Node, and select the objects you want to include in the expanded view. For example, you can expand the view of a logical switch and display the logical router that it is connected to.

Note: If you are using VMware Integrated OpenStack with VDS setup, your network is represented as a Distributed Virtual Port Group (DVPG). DVPG connected objects can only be viewed when the view of the virtual machine or project is expanded.

Hover over any object to see more information about the object such as its name and its health.

Project List Displays a list of all the projects in the environment. Click a project in this list to display the project in the Project Inventory widget.
Project Alerts Displays alerts for objects selected in the Project Inventory widget. Alerts are displayed from both an object perspective, and from a project perspective. For example, if you try to provision a virtual machine and it fails, an alert is displayed on the object that failed to provision and also on its project. This enables you to diagnose problems on both the object and the project.