The OpenStack Services dashboard provides a high level view of the compute, network, storage, and management services. This dashboard enables you to detect health-related problems at the service level, and then drill-down to the individual processes by viewing the topology and alerts.

Table 1. OpenStack Services Dashboard Widgets
Widget Description
VIO Control Plane Service Inventory Provides a high level view of the compute, network, storage, and management services in your environment. Select an object to show detailed information about the controller service in the dashboard.

Hover over an object to display capacity-related details.

VIO Control Plane Service Topology Displays the individual services running on the controllers. The health of the services impacts the controller service object in the Controller Service Inventory widget. For example, if 50% of the services of a particular type are down, the object is orange.

To display an extended view that includes other connected objects, right-click an object, select Expand Node, and select the objects you want to include in the expanded view.

VIO Control Plane Service Metrics When you select a controller in the Controller Service Inventory, this widget displays the number of services that have been configured and running. When you select a service in the Controller Service Topology widget, this widget provides related resource usage data.
VIO Control Plane Service Alerts Displays alerts for objects selected in the Controller Service Topology widget.