If you are using VMware vCenter host as your computing infrastructure, the OpenStack vCenter Storage Infrastructure dashboard displays the data stores in your environment.

If you are not using vCenter as your computing infrastructure, vRealize Operations Manager can not access data about the storage devices registered with OpenStack, and the OpenStack vCenter Storage Infrastructure dashboard does not display data.

Table 1. OpenStack vCenter Storage Infrastructure Dashboard Widgets
Widget Description
vCenter Storage Inventory Displays the data stores available in your environment.

Hover over an object to display capacity-related details.

vCenter Storage Infrastructure Displays related components of the object selected in the vCenter Storage Inventory widget.

Hover over an object to view health and capacity related details.

To display an extended view that includes other connected objects, right-click an object, select Expand Node, and select the objects you want to include in the expanded view.

vCenter Storage Resource Utilization Displays a heatmap representing capacity of the data stores. The configurations are broken down by cluster. A threshold is set at 80% of the capacity. The heatmap remains green and healthy as long as the usage remains below 80% of the capacity. You can view heatmaps for the datastore diskspace usage, IOPs, and average latency by selecting the required option from the Configurations drop-down menu.
vCenter Storage Alerts Displays alerts for objects selected in the vCenter Storage Infrastructure widget.