Before you monitor the health for a vRealize Automation instance using vRealize Health Broker, configure the vRealize Automation appliance.


  • Verify that the vRealize Automation adapter is configured and is running.
  • Verify that the vRealize Automation system health monitoring is enabled in the vRealize Automation UI.
  • Verify that the tests are configured and are running in vRealize Automation appliance for vRealize Automation 7.4 and later.


  1. From the vRealize Automation appliance, log in with tenant details and click Administration.
  2. On the left pane, click the Health tab and click NEW CONFIGURATION.
  3. For vRA test Configuration, select the product name as vRealize Automation and enter the required details.
  4. Select a schedule to run the test requirement.
  5. Enable System Tests for vRealize Automation and Tenant Tests for vRealize Automation.
  6. In vRO test configuration, select the product name as vRealize Orchestrator and provide required details and set a schedule to run the tests.
  7. On the vRealize Operations Manager page, click Solutions and select VMware vRealize Automation.
  8. Enable the vRA system health monitoring from the drop-down menu and provide details in the vRA VA FQDN text box.
    Note: By default, this option is disabled. If you have a distributed vRealize Automation instance, enter the FQDN of a cafe node.
    Credentials are collected from the vRealize Automation NMP adapter endpoint and vRealize Automation application server resource is created. The object collection takes about five minutes and then a message indicating that the credentials are missing is prompted.
  9. Click Administration, and click Inventory Explorer.
  10. Select a vRealize Automation application object of an SDDC adapter instance and click Edit.
  11. Select the add credentials icon, to add the credentials.
  12. In the Manager Credential, provide the root credentials.
  13. Enter qe for the tenant text box.
    qe is the tenant information on which the health broker configurations are made.