User cannot collect data from vRealize Automation Postgres database.


You can collect data from vRealize Automation Postgres database using End-Point operation.


When user credentials are mismatched for postgres database.
Note: This is applicable for vRealize Automation 7.3 and below along with End-Point Operations agents.


  1. To retrieve the correct user credentials of the postgres database, login to vRealize Automation appliance.
  2. Copy the encrypted password from the file /etc/vcac/server.xml.
  3. To decrypt the password obtained as a parameter from the older set-up, run the following command vcac-config prop-util -d --p {password}.
  4. From the Inventory Explorer in vRealize Operations Manager edit the object and use the password to copy the decrypted password and configure the Postgres object.
    1. To configure agent and update postgres object settings, login to each virtual machine where Postgres is installed.
    2. To verify whether the agent is running, run the command - ./ status.
    3. Delete the data folder from End-Point installation directory.
    4. Go to /etc/epops and delete epops-token file.
    5. Go back to agent installation directory and restart the agent ./ start.
    6. Add this to the "pg_hba.conf" : host postgres vcac trust
    7. Restart vpostgres: service vpostgres restart
    8. In vRealize Operations Manager UI, change the value of to localhost by editing the discovered PostgreSQL data base.
    9. Set up the user name and password. Use vcac as user.