If a problem occurs, general alerts and notifications are generated.

Table 1. Alerts in vCenter Server
Alert Description
Passive Node is Down Triggered when the vCenter passive node is down.
vCenter HA health is degraded Triggered when the vCenter HA health is degraded.
vCenter License is Overused Triggered when the vCenter license is overused.
vCenter NTP Status is Failed/Down Triggered when the NTP server of the vCenter is down or has failed.
vCenter Backup Job failed Triggered when the backup job of vCenter has failed.
vCenter Server is Down Triggered when the vCenter Server is down.
Services are down in vCenter Server Triggered when the service of the vCenter Server is not running or is down.
External PSC is Down Triggered when the external PSC VM of vCenter Server is down.
Witness Host Node is Down. Triggered when the vCenter witness host node is down.
Table 2. Notification in vCenter Server
Notification Symptoms
SDDC Availability Notification Unable to retrieve the list of services (Guest Auth Failed). vCenter might be DOWN or some of the Critical services are not running.
The SDDC Config Notification vCenter OS Credentials Missing, Services might not be discovered for this vCenter. Configure the VC HOST OS Credential in Inventory Explorer.
SDDC Availability Notification Some of the vCenter Services is either not running or not healthy on vCenter <vCenterName> and the Service name is <serviceName>.
SDDC Availability Notification Host has lost connection to vCenter Server for <Host IP>.
SDDC Config Notification vCenter OS VM Tools Version is below 10.1.
Note: The VMware SDDC Health Monitoring Solution generates a general notification when any adapter instance fails with a symptom SDDC Availability Notification - Adapter Instance.