The Management Pack for Storage Devices collects metrics about the port on a switch.

Table 1. Switch Port Metrics
Metric Name User Interface Name
Switch Port Statistics|AddressErrors Address Errors
Switch Port Statistics|BytesReceived Bytes Received
Switch Port Statistics|BytesTransmitted Bytes Transmitted
Switch Port Statistics|CRCErrors CRC Errors
Switch Port Statistics|DelimiterErrors Delimiter Errors
Switch Port Statistics|RxFrameRate Rx Frame Rate
Switch Port Statistics|RxRate Rx Rate
Switch Port Statistics|TxFrameRate Tx Frame Rate
Switch Port Statistics|TxRate Tx Rate
Switch Port Statistics|BufferCreditNotProvided Buffer Credit Not Provided
Switch Port Statistics|BufferCreditNotReceived Buffer Credit Not Received
Switch Port Statistics|LossOfSignalCounter Loss Of Signal Counter
Switch Port Statistics|LossOfSyncCounter Loss Of Sync Counter
Switch Port Statistics|InvalidTransmissionWords Invalid Transmission Words
Switch Port Statistics|Class3FramesDiscarded Class3 Frames Discarded
Switch Port Statistics|BBCreditZero BB Credit Zero