The following topic describes the controls rules and product control set for VMware Cloud Director. The version of VMware Cloud Directory management pack which is supported is 8.10.2.

Controls Rules and Product Control Set for VMware Cloud Director

  • Disable Alpha Feature sets
  • Logging enabled
  • Expired and untrusted certificates must be removed from Cloud Director.
  • Cloud Director must automatically terminate an idle user session after 15 minutes.
  • vCloud Organizations must enable at least one Identify Provider (SAML / OAuth) authentication enabled for all orgs
  • Cloud Director must enable account lockout for unsuccessful login attempts.
  • Cloud Director must enable hostname certificate verification for vCenter connections.
  • Cloud Director must enable SSL for AMQP connections
  • Cloud Director must enable FIPS mode for NSX Edge Gateways.
  • VMware Cloud Director must enable FIPs mode.
  • Cloud Director Organizations must have Account Lockout Enabled