The management pack has an alert forwarding mechanism from the NSX Advanced Load Balancer into vRealize Operations and is applicable for the objects that are currently supported.

Any new alert generated in the NSX Advanced Load Balancer instance, after the previous collection cycle, is forwarded to the corresponding object in vRealize Operations. If the same alert does not recur, then it is assumed the alert has been canceled. Alerts are grouped into Critical, Warning, and Info, corresponding to the alert levels from the NSX Advanced Load Balancer which are "ALERT_HIGH", "ALERT_MEDIUM", "ALERT_LOW.

Alerts are also triggered for virtual services and service engines based on the health score, using the same color code used in the NSX Advanced Load Balancer. The default Wait/Cancel cycle is set to 1. Alerts are grouped as Critical when the total health score is less than 70, and grouped as Warning when the health score is between 70 and 89.