Service-level monitoring is possible for Connection Servers and Unified Access Gateways. This enables you to monitor Tomcat services as well as perform HTTP Health Checks against the UAG and CS web services.

Following three configurations can be used:
  1. Configuring Telegraf :

    To enable the Telegraf Agent, refer to the following topic link:

    To enable the Tomcat Services, refer to the following topic link:

    To enable HTTP check, refer to the following topic link:

  2. Enabling 20-sec Monitoring:
    1. Navigate to Configure > Policies, and then click vSphere Solutions Default Policy.
    2. Click Edit Policy to enable peak metrics for the Virtual Machine.
    3. Click Metrics & Properties, and then select the object type as Virtual Machine.
    4. Expand Metrics section and edit the state to enable below metrics:
      • Under CPU
      • Peak vCPU Co-Stop within collection cycle
      • Peak vCPU IO wait
      • Peak vCPU overlap
      • Peak vCPU Ready
      • Peak vCPU Swap Wait
      • Peak vCPU System
      • Under Memory->Peak Contention
      • Under Guest
      • Peak CPU Context Switch
      • Peak vCPU Queue
      • Peak vCPU Disk Queue
      • Under Network
      • Peak Usage Rate
      • Virtual Disk
      • Peak Latency
  3. Configuring Unified Access Gateways:

    Host name of UAG VM, DNS name, and Unified Access Gateway name provided while deploying the UAG must be in the same order to monitor the metrics & sessions.