This section provides details of the known issues in Horizon Management Pack.

Logon metrics will be missing post upgrade of management pack for Connected Sessions.

Events are not retriggered for connected sessions hence logon metrics goes missing. The metrics are displayed once the session is reconnected. New sessions will not have any issues in fetching the logon segments.

Logon Metrics is missing if there is time sync issue in Event DB, Horizon Desktop & Connection Servers.

To check whether there is time sync issue or not, follow these steps:
  1. On the Connection Server, Navigate to Monitor > Session.
  2. Identify the user who is logging off.
  3. Go to Events tab and note down the Updated timestamp in the right corner of the table.
  4. Log off the same user session, note down the time stamp from the Time column of the table with Agent Module & Message User xxx has disconnected from machine yyy.

    If the timestamps are not matching then there is time sync issue between Event DB, Horizon Desktop & Connection Servers

    Workaround: Fix the time sync issue to resolve the missing logon metrics.

License is invalid Banner is shown in the summary pages of Horizon World, Connection Server and RDS Host Objects.

The issue happens in setups where the initial version of MP4H adapter installed was 1.0.0 (which required a license key) and was subsequently upgraded to versions later where the licensing functionality was removed.

  1. Login to vRealize Operations as an admin user. Navigate to Administration > Licensing > License Groups.
  2. Select license group Horizon Adapter Licensing and delete the group.
  3. Refresh License Usage button.
    Note: This license group is not required with MP4H versions 1.1.0 or later.

Capacity Metrics are wrong when there are multiple sessions to the same user.

This issue does not affect the functionality of the MP, you can ignore it.

Data Missing in RDS Performance Dashboard.

To populate the data for the RDS Performance Dashboard, follow the steps given below:
  1. Click Edit Widget in Profile Performance widget.
  2. Under configuration, select Box columns value as 4 (from 2).
  3. Under Output Data, select the existing two metrics and click Remove selected metrics.
  4. Click Add New Metrics and search for Horizon RDS Desktop Session and select it.
  5. Select the metrics Session|Time taken to load Profile and Session|Time taken to Logon and click OK.
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 steps for Horizon RDS Application Session.
  7. Click SAVE.

Management Pack for Horizon creating users with 'null' Names.

Management Pack for Horizon creates users with 'null' Names in some setups. The issue is originating from the Horizon.

Performance KPI metrics are not populated.

Performance KPI metrics are not populated in the Horizon Management Pack if::
  • The underlying vCenter infrastructure is hosted on AVS or GCVE
  • The ESXi version is less than 6.7u1
  • The VMware tool version is less than 10.3.5
  • The metrics are not enabled in the default policy of the vCenter adapter

Use VM Tools 10.3.0 on ESXi 6.7u1 and later.

Duplicated Objects and Relations found in the Traversal spec when a vCenter is mapped to 2 different Horizon Pods.

If a vCenter server is shared across multiple Horizon Pods:
  • The adapter does not support the configuration
  • The computed metrics are wrongly calculated due to shared relations
  • Related Objects are duplicated under both pods
  • Traversal spec duplicates child objects under both pods

Some of the sessions are having start time as NULL causing the incorrect number of sessions/users

The issue is originating from Horizon.

Missing UAG Performance KPI Metrics at Horizon World level.

Horizon World > UAG Servers > Datacenter KPI & Network KPI metrics are missing

Workaround. Follow the steps given below:
  1. SSH to vRealize Operations cluster.
  2. Locate the vrho-adapter/conf/describe.xml file.
  3. Replace objectType=UAG with objecttype=UnifiedAccessGateway (total 14 occurrences can be found).
  4. Save the file.
  5. Navigate to Administration > Redescribe from vRealize Operations user interface.
  6. Under Adapters Info, click VMware Horizon Adapter.
  7. Click Redescribe.
  8. Click Yes on the pop-up dialog Do you want to revert adapter content settings to their default values?.

Please refer to the Knowledge Base article, to know the workaround for SaaS and On-premise instances.