VDI Session maps to a VM. A user can have multiple sessions at the same time, each has their own VM.

The Horizon VDI Session Performance dashboard gives an overall performance of the sessions, with the ability to drill down and troubleshoot a session performance.

Design Consideration

This dashboard is designed to complement the VDI Pool Performance dashboard and has a similar design. It acts as the details dashboard, allowing drill down from farm to one of its host members.

A large environment can have tens of thousands of sessions. To see live performance, use the Live! Horizon Session Performance dashboard.

How to Use the Dashboard

Review both the health charts at the top of the dashboard.

  • The first health chart shows the count of sessions with red datacenter KPI and the second health chart, shows the count of sessions with red network KPI.

  • Both the health chart must show 0, indicating that none of the sessions are experiencing poor performance issues in the network and datacenter parts.

Review the table Pools.

  • It lists all the VDI Pools.

  • For each pod, the worst performance in the last 1 week is shown. As vRealize Operations Cloud collects every 5 minutes, there are 12 x 24 x 7 = 2016 data points in a week. This column shows the worst point from the 2016 datapoints.

Review the table VDI Sessions in the Pool.

  • Expect all of them to be in the green range. At the very least, none of them should be in the red.

Select one of the entries in the table.

  • The KPI of the selected entry is shown in the scoreboards. There are five scoreboards showing different aspects of performance.

  • Its relevant property is shown in the property widget.

Select one or more entries in the scoreboard.

  • The line chart below the scoreboard plots the selected metrics.

  • Use the metric chart widget to compare metrics to see if there is any correlation.