With the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Horizon, you can monitor the performance and capacity of the remote desktops and applications in the data center and managed services of Horizon.

Alerts, dashboards, and reports form one continuum and it is a way for the system to communicate with the user. The following table illustrates how the three ways of engaging are complimentary.

vRealize Operations Management Pack for Horizon includes a broad set of simple to use but customizable dashboards to get you started with monitoring your VMware Horizon environment. Each set of dashboards is complemented with a series of out-of-the-box customizable alerts to further assist with your operational awareness. Each has a purpose and there is minimal overlap,

Tasks that are performed through alerts should be done through dashboard to avoid Alert Storm. Reports should be kept minimal as they are not interactive and information is not timely.

Insight Vs Alert

vRealize Operations Management Pack for Horizon dashboards sports a concept we call insight. Insight complements alert, and not replace it. Alerts miss the larger picture, as they can only see what is triggered. For one object that has reached the threshold, there can be many just beneath the threshold. Think of this as an iceberg. The small portion above the sea level, the visible part, is an alert. The large, invisible part, is the insight.

Alerts can auto close if the symptom disappears and this encourages lazy operations. Managing alerts is not the same as minimizing alerts. Minimize takes us towards preventing the alerts.