Use this dashboard to view the inventory of Horizon objects in your environment. It displays relationship (parent child) among the inventory items.

Design Consideration

This dashboard is designed to work with the existing vSphere inventory dashboard and has similar design. It does not duplicate vSphere and vSAN objects. Use the vSphere and vSAN equivalent dashboards to their inventory.

How to Use the Dashboard

Review the summary banner at the top of the dashboard. It provides a quick view into the key inventory statistics.

Navigate your Horizon inventory using the Relationship widget.

  • You can set how far down in the hierarchy it shows by modifying the level in the Children Depth field. The Parents Depth field controls how many levels up. The settings are available by editing the widget.

Select any of the objects in the relationship widget.

  • Its key properties are shown in the scoreboard widget. Note that the widget only shows four properties due to screen real estate. The value shown is the current value. To see the history, click it. The line chart below the scoreboard widget shows the historical trend.

  • The list of RDS Farm and VDI in the object are automatically shown. This is only applicable to parent objects such as vSphere cluster and Horizon Pod.

Point to Note

The dashboard shows both RDS and VDI. If you have only one of them, collapse the widgets you do not need, and expand the ones you need.