Configure an instance for this management pack.


You must have the administrative user credentials on the Horizon Connection server while adding credentials for this adapter.


The vCenter servers hosting the Horizon Pod environment must be monitored by the same vRealize Operations Cloud instance.

Management Pack for Horizon connects to Connection Server via Port 443.

Prerequisites to obtain Helpdesk related Metrics from Connection Server side:

  1. Obtain valid License for Helpdesk Tool.

  2. Enable Helpdesk API plugin in the Horizon agent.


  1. From the left menu, click Data Sources > Integrations, and then click Repository.
  2. Click Add Account on the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Horizon tile.
  3. Configure the adapter instance.




    The name for the adapter instance.


    The description of the adapter instance.

    Horizon Connection Server

    Enter the FQDN or Host name of the Horizon connection server.


    Select the credential you want to use to sign on to the environment from the drop-down menu. To add new credentials to access this management pack environment, click the plus sign.

    • Credential Name. The name by which you are identifying the configured credentials.

    • User Name. The user name of the Horizon account.

    • Password. The password of the Horizon account.

    • Domain Name. The Horizon domain name.


    You must have an Administrator role on Horizon for the adapter to work. If you have any other role, that will result in a validation error or Horizon API might fail due to restrictions on the Horizon REST APIs.

    Collector / Group

    Select the collector upon which you want to run the adapter instance. A collector gathers objects into its inventory for monitoring. The collector specified by default has been selected for optimal data collecting.

  4. Expand Advanced Settings to configure advanced settings.



    Enable True SSO and SAML Metric Collection

    This option will enable or disable the True SSO and SAML Authenticator Metric Collection for the Horizon Environment.

    Enable Application Metric Collection

    Enable this option to collect metrics from all the application sessions of Horizon. Disabling this flag will disable CPU, disk utilization metrics and turns off Helpdesk API calls for application session metrics.

    Enable Collection Load balancing across Connection Servers

    Enable this option to allow the adapter to communicate with all the available connection servers of the Horizon Pod. By default, the adapter communicates only with the configured server.


    If you have multiple certificates configured for the Horizon connection servers and the data collection load balancing is enabled, then import all the certificates of the Horizon connection servers for successful data collection.

    Enable Performance Statistics Collection

    Enable this option to track the performance of the Management Pack for Horizon adapter instance resource.

    Enable Login Metric Collection

    Enable this option to collect Login Metrics for the horizon environment.


    To enable Login metric collection, you have to configure Horizon DB and the Logon Monitoring Timing Profile Settings as well as Logon monitor service enabled in the desktop image.

    Timeout Seconds for Session Resource Collector

    Set the timeout value in seconds to make sure the collection will not wait due to Non Responding Horizon Server.

    Timeout Seconds for Horizon Events Queries

    Set the timeout value in seconds to ensure that the collection will not be blocked while waiting for a query response from the Horizon Collection Server.

    MP4H Inactive Objects Retention period

    Set the duration (in days) to clear inactive objects like Sessions, Users etc. The object cleanup is performed by the adapter instance as per the configured calendar intervals.

    Enable Protocol Performance Metric Collection

    Enable or disable this option Protocol Performance Metric Collection for the Horizon Environment. It disables Frame Rate, Latency, Packet Loss Receive, Packet Loss Transmit, Bnadwidth Transmit Utilization metrics and turns off Helpdesk API calls for protocol metrics.

    Enable Historical Performance Metric Collection For RDS

    Enable or disable Historical Performance Metric Collection For the Horizon Environment. It disables overall CPU, overall Memory and Disk IOPS metrics and turns off Helpdesk API calls for historical performance metrics.

    Connection Server URLs

    Enter a comma separated list of Connection Server URLs for the POD that the adapter instance is configured for.


    This field is required if certificates do not contain the Connection Server hostnames, but contain a different subject name as required by the Load Balancer.

  5. To initiate the authentication request, click Validate Connection.
  6. Click Add.

    The adapter instance is added to the list.