Datacenter KPI (%) Under Performance is Shown as Empty


The data center KPI metric is empty.


  1. If the datacenter KPI is empty then check whether the following metrics are collected or not for the desktop session:
    • Memory - Free Memory, Page In Rate, Contention
    • CPU - Usage, Ready, IO Wait, CPU Queue, Co-stop
    • Disk - Latency, Disk Queue
  2. If the above metrics do not exist then check the underlying VM has the following metrics or not:
    • Guest - Free Memory, Page In Rate per second, CPU Queue, Disk Queue
    • Memory - Contention
    • Virtual Disk - Aggregate of all Instances, Total Latency
    • CPU - Usage, Ready, IO Wait, Co-stop
  3. If not, then it will show data center KPI metric value has empty.