Once you have finished Installing the Management Pack (Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise) and Configuring the Management Pack (Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise), check the Collection State and Collection Status for the adapter instance on the Solutions page. If they show as Not Collecting or No Data Receiving, respectively, the following troubleshooting topics can help you diagnose and correct common problems with your adapter instance.

Common Error Messages


Error Message:

Unknown Host. Check that Host is correct.


The host address is not correct or is unreachable.

Error Message:

POST failed: Connection was closed with root cause Connection was closed


Check the port number and ssl verification setting.


Error Message:

Request was unauthorized: check that credentials are correct. POST responded with unexpected status code 401 from HTTP response; expected one of (200, 201)


Validate the username/password configured in the credential set.


Racks and Blades are under the same object type 'Server' this will result in some differences between Server objects.

Those include but might not be limited to:

  • Blade Servers children of chassis, while Rack Servers are not

  • Rack Servers have child power devices, where Blade Servers do not

For more information about viewing log files and modifying levels, refer to the vROps online help.