The VMware vRealize® Management Pack for Dell EMC Isilon is an embedded adapter for vRealize Operations (vROps), collecting performance, health, and availability data from your Dell EMC Isilon clustered network area storage (NAS) and providing predictive analytics and real-time monitoring information—all within the vRealize Operations user interface.

Notable Features

The Management Pack for Dell EMC Isilon provides the following notable features:

  • Comprehensive monitoring dashboards:
    • Dell EMC Isilon Overview – Get a bird's-eye view of the throughput KPIs and available vs. used disk space for your Isilon clusters, nodes, and interfaces
    • Dell EMC Isilon Health Investigation – Drill down and quickly troubleshoot your Isilon resources using health status, active alerts, and metrics
    • Dell EMC Isilon Performance – Gauge cluster and node performance via protocol throughput
  • 200+ collected metrics for Dell EMC Isilon resources, including key metrics like Quota Usage Percentage, Average Disk Busy, and Total Connected Clients
  • 250+ detailed alerts and notifications for events like SmartPool Over Capacity and Node IFS Filesystem Damage Detected
  • vRealize Calculated IFS, SSD, Memory, and Disk Capacities – Predict when your Isilon storage system needs scaling

  • VMware Datastore to Isilon NFS relationships – View the underlying Isilon storage infrastructure as it relates to your virtualized datastores

Getting Started

Wondering where to start? See our Getting Started (Dell EMC Isilon) and System Requirements (Dell EMC Isilon) topics for details.