The Management Pack for HPE Nimble Storage creates views that allow the user to view statistics of metrics for various HPE Nimble Storage resources. The views help give a broad picture of the entire system, as opposed to a more in depth view.

The following views are available in the Management Pack:

View Type Description
Nimble Array Capacity List Displays array capacity metrics
Nimble Array Health List Displays array health and availability
Nimble Array Snapshots List Displays array snapshot capacity metrics
Nimble Array Volume List Displays array volume capacity metrics
Nimble Datastore Health List Displays Nimble-related Datastore health and availability
Nimble Datastore KPIs List Displays Nimble-related Datastore key performance indicators
Nimble Group Health List Displays group health and availability
Nimble Group IOPS List Displays group read and write operations metrics
Nimble Group Latency List Displays group read and write latency metrics
Nimble Group Throughput List Displays group read and write throughput metrics
Nimble Group Disk Usage List Displays group volume and disk usage
Nimble Pool Cache List Displays pool cache capacity metrics
Nimble Pool Capacity List Displays pool capacity metrics
Nimble Pool Health List Displays pool health and availability
Nimble Pool Object Counts List Displays pool-related object counts
Nimble User Logins List Displays user login information
Nimble VM Health List Displays Nimble-related VM health and availability
Nimble VM KPIs List Displays Nimble-related VM key performance indicators
Nimble Volume Capacity List Displays volume capacity metrics
Nimble Volume Connections List Displays volume connection count metrics
Nimble Volume Health List Displays volume health and availability
Nimble Volume Snapshots List Displays volume snapshot counts and capacity metrics
  1. Navigate to Environment > All Objects > Nimble Storage.
  2. Double-click on the desired object (resource).
  3. Select the Details tab, then Views.

The available views for that resource are listed and can be selected.