Dashboards are the primary feature for monitoring and troubleshooting your IBM SVC or Storwize environment from within vRealize Operations.

The following dashboards are included in the Management Pack for IBM SVC and Storwize:

  • IBM SVC Overview gives you an at-a-glance perspective on your entire SVC environment. Color-coded, it allows you to quickly see whether your environment is healthy and, if it is not, to identify the general area of any problems that my be arising.
  • IBM SVC Health Investigation is the jumping-off point for investigating the health of your IBM SVC environment. This dashboard displays at-a-glance health status for all resources in the Environment Overview widget. Selecting a resource from the widget will populate alerts and KPIs on the right.
  • IBM SVC Status & Alerts gives you a cluster-based overview of alerts in your environment, including an alert volume graph that gives you a perspective on the quantity of alerts over a period of time, allowing you to more easily pinpoint the time that a given problem may have occurred. Additionally there is a node-level breakdown of KPIs, allowing more in depth troubleshooting without leaving the dashboard.
  • IBM SVC Oversubscription is the home of all your Oversubscription metrics from Storage Pools to Thin Provisioned Virtual Disks to Datastores. Simply selecting an item from one of the lists on the left will show you the oversubscription metrics related to it.
  • VMware Compute Clusters on IBM SVC is a compute cluster breakdown of the storage on your SVC. It ties your compute clusters to the SVC storage that they are using, allowing you to accurately connect the two systems together and promoting holistic problem resolution.