To create a least-privileged user (LPU) for the management pack, you must create a Cluster user with a minimum of read-only access to the HCI Element OS API to be used as your management pack credentials.


  1. From the HCI Element OS API console, navigate to Users > Cluster Admins, then click the Create Cluster Admin button.

  2. In the Create a New Cluster Admin window that appears, ensure that the following settings are configured:

    • Select User Type: Cluster
    • Enter User Details: Enter your desired username and password.
    • End User License Agreement: Accept the terms of the agreement.
    • Select User Permissions: A read-only user should have none of these permissions, but you must select a permission to create the user. To make a read-only user, create a user with the reporting permission, then simply edit it and remove that permission. It will be a read-only user after you save it again.
  3. Save your user settings. The new user should now be listed in your Cluster Admins list from the previous screen.

What to do next

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