Dashboards are the primary feature for monitoring and troubleshooting your Pure Storage FlashArray environment from within vRealize Operations.

The following dashboards are included in the Management Pack for Pure Storage FlashArray:

  • Pure Storage FlashArray Overview is the jumping-off point for investigating the health of your Pure Storage FlashArray environment. This dashboard displays at-a-glance health status for all resources in the Environment Overview widget. Selecting a resource from the widget will populate alerts and KPIs on the right.
  • Pure Storage FlashArray Summary provides a high-level summary of your Pure Storage FlashArray. Select an array to populate summary statistics of related array resources; performance graphs for array latency, IOPS, and bandwidth; and capacity data. It also provides a peek into the environment surrounding the array.
  • Pure Storage FlashArray Troubleshooting allows you to drill down into the health of your Pure Store FlashArray environment, starting with your virtual machines, moving down through related datastores, the datastore's related volumes, and finally the volume's parent array. Alerts and KPIs are populated on right based on the resource selected from the widgets on the left. NB: If you select a virtual machine that is not from Pure Storage, the Pure Volumes widget will remain blank.
  • Pure Storage FlashArray Volumes provides insight into the Pure Storage volume to external datastore and virtual machine relationship. Click on a volume, related datastore, and virtual machine to view KPIs and metrics for each resource.