Dashboards are the primary feature for monitoring and troubleshooting Cisco UCS data problems from within vRealize Operations.

The following dashboards are included in the Management Pack for Cisco UCS:

  • Cisco UCS Overview displays at-a-glance heatmap views depicting the overall health of your Cisco UCS resources.

  • Cisco UCS Health Investigation is the jumping-off point for drill-down investigation of resource health in your Cisco UCS environment. Select a resource from the Cisco UCS Environment Overview widget to view its status, relationships, health, alerts, and selected metrics charts.

  • Cisco UCS Chassis Overview provides an overview of the chassis resources in your Cisco UCS environment. Start by selecting your UCS Central and/or Manager resources, then select a specific chassis from the heatmap widget to view all alerts on the chassis (including alerts for its child resources: fabric interconnects, blades, and IO modules), status, and a topology view of the resources.

  • Cisco UCS Servers and Fabrics displays details about Cisco UCS blade server and fabric interconnect resources in your Cisco UCS environment. Select a blade/fabric to view its top 5 alerts (including alerts for its child resources), a list of child objects, and relationships. You can also select a related Port Channel to view its throughput over the last 24 hours as a sparkline graph.

  • Cisco UCS Virtual Machines displays details for virtual machines and related UCS servers. Select a virtual machine and related Cisco UCS resource to populate available metrics, top alerts, and view sparkline graphs for selected metrics.