Configure the VMware Cloud Director Tenant UI to allow tenants to access their organization-specific information.


  • For the VMware Cloud Director Tenant UI plug-in to work, ensure that the AMQP server is configured on VMware Cloud Director . For details on configuring AMQP Host, see Install and Configure a RabbitMQ AMQP Broker.
    Note: This pre-requisite is applicable only for VMware Cloud Director versions below 10.2.


  1. On the left pane, click Administration > Support.
  2. Click Configure with VCD Tenant UI.
  3. Configure the VMware Cloud Director Tenant UI.
    Field Description
    Director Host name Enter the vCloud Director host name.
    User Name Enter the user name for VMware Cloud Director .
    Password Enter the password for VMware Cloud Director .
    AMQP Host Provide the AMQP Host name or IP address information. The host information must be same as the AMQP host that is configured in VMware Cloud Director extensibility settings.
    AMQP Password Provide the AMQP password.
    AMQP Port Default is 5672. Provide the AMQP port number.
    AMQP Virtual Host Provide the virtual host. Retain the AMQP Port / as is. The host information should be similar to the host that is configured in VMware Cloud Director .
    AMQP user name and Password Provide the AMQP user name and password.
    AMQP Use SSL Select this option to make an AMQP connection over SSL.
    Tenant App Proxy The IP address of VMware Chargeback for VMware Cloud Director is allocated automatically. If VMware Chargeback is deployed in a private network, you can configure Load Balancer or a proxy to provide public access to VMware Chargeback. In such cases, public address can be mentioned in this text box.
  4. Click Start.
    The services are listed under the Self Health section. You can click the square icon to start action on the selected service.
  5. On the left pane, click Access Management and enable the plugin access for your organization users.


View Operations Plugin for your organization at https://<vCloud Director IP Address>/tenant/<Organization Name>.