VMware supports its partners to host and sell cloud services built on VMware technology using vCenter. vCenter provides core of virtualization and allows you to segment the virtual infrastructure and offer it as a service.

There are several variants of infrastructure that are sold by these partners such as, 'Pay as you go', 'Raw capacity', and 'Raw capacity with minimum guarantee'. The combination of these can be offered to same tenants and it becomes challenging to track usage over a period and charge appropriately. It becomes critical for the service providers as the tenants demand for transparency in billing, and it is imperative that service providers offer it.

vRealize Operations Tenant App addresses this by accurately metering the infrastructure. It provides options to configure different models for pricing this metered infrastructure. It also provides tenant-specific views that help tenants validate their charges by analyzing their usage.

The Using vRealize Operations Tenant App for vCenter as a Service Provider documentation provides information about configuring a tenant app for vCenter. Service providers can configure and create users for a tenant to use the vRealize Operations Tenant App for vCenter.