To provide access to certain resource details, add users to a resource pool. The users with this access can view the Tenant Overview for a particular resource.


  • To integrate with OpenLDAP or Active directory, verify that you have added authentication sources in vRealize Operations and the user names are present in Active Directory or OpenLDAP. For more information on adding authentication sources, see vRealize Operations Manager documentation.


  1. On the vRealize Operations Tenant App for vCenter page, navigate to Administration > Manage Tenants, and click Create New Tenant.
  2. Provide a name for the tenant and click Next.
  3. Select the resources to add to the tenant and click Finish.
  4. To assign users to a tenant, click Administration > Access Management.
  5. Go to the Manage Users tab and click ADD USER.
  6. Select any tenant and click Next.
  7. To create a new local user, provide required details and click Add User.
  8. To import an existing user from Active Directory or Open LDAP, click Import and select the import location.
  9. Click Search and then Add User.


You have created a user with permissions to access a resource pool through Tenant App.