Each adapter instance has a properties file in the work folder called vcloud_instanceID.properties, where instanceID is the object ID of the adapter instance. Instance-level properties affect only a particular vCloud Director adapter instance.

The Management Pack for VMware Cloud Director creates and initializes the instance-level properties file during the first collection cycle of the adapter instance.

The LAST_EVENT_TIME property in the instance-level properties file tracks the last event time that the adapter instance retrieves from VMware Cloud Director . During the first collection cycle, the LAST_EVENT_TIME property is set to the current time minus the value of the MIN_BACK_INTIME_FOR_FIRST_EVENT_PROCESSING property. The MIN_BACK_INTIME_FOR_FIRST_EVENT_PROCESSING property is in the vcloud.properties file and its default value is 60 minutes.

You should not need to modify the LAST_EVENT_TIME property except during adapter testing.