You can troubleshoot general problems associated with vSphere and vCenter Management Packs, such as credential errors, connection errors, collector group errors that might occur when using vRealize Operations Cloud.

Wrong Credentials

You might be prompted with incorrect credentials error while accessing vCenter.

Solution: Ensure that the specified user credentials are correct and the user has required permissions to access the target vCenter.

Note: The user credetials are case-sensitive, please enter the correct values.

No Collector Group Defined

Collector group is not defined for vCenter in vRealize Operations Cloud.

Solution: In vRealize Operations Cloud, deploy a Cloud Proxy and select it as the collector for the target vCenter. For details, refer to the Troubleshooting section in the VMware vRealize Operations Cloud Getting Started Guide.

No Connection to Target vCenter

No connection is established between vRealize Operations Cloud and vCenter.

Solution: Ensure that you validate the connection once you configure a Cloud account.
Note: FQDN/IP of the target vCenter must be reachable from all the nodes be it vRealize Operations on-prem or Cloud Proxy or vRealize Operations Cloud.

Plug-In not Registered

An error message indicates that the plug-in is not registered with vCenter.

Solution: In Management Pack configurations, navigate to Manage Registrations, then unregister and re-register the Management Pack.

Management Pack Not Collecting Data

vCenter Management Pack might not be collecting all the required data, even though the connection between vRealize Operations Cloud and Management Pack is valid.

  1. Verify minimum collection credentials. For more information, refer the Knowledge Base article.
  2. Add administrator@vsphere.local account temporarily to verify the collection.

Metrics Missing After vCenter Upgrade

You might notice that some of the metrics are missing, after you upgrade vCenter.

Solution: You must increase the statistics level for said metric on vCenter.
Note: Please check vCenter documentation to verify if the statistic has moved to another level.