This section describes how to set up a native client development environment using C++ and CMake.


This walkthrough assumes that certain components are in place:

  • The GemFire Native Client libraries. Install the Native Client as described in Getting Started with the Native Library. Follow the ease-of-use recommendations by installing the Native Client in a well-known location and renaming it.
System Native Client Library Well-Known Location
Linux /usr/local/nativeclient
Windows C:\Program Files\nativeclient
  • The CMake tool suite. Download and install CMake, following the instructions on

  • Geode: Install and configure Geode. See the Geode User’s Guide for instructions and system requirements.

To develop a Native Client application using C++ and CMake:

  • Create a project directory structure
  • Populate the project directories with C++ source code
  • Configure the CMake build environment
  • Run CMake to build your application
  • Run your application

Setting up Directories and Sources

  1. Create a project directory structure. In this example, the project is called MyProject. The directory structure provides a place for your application source files and a cmake modules directory for project-specific CMake files:

  2. Change directory to MyProject and create your application sources. In this example, we have one source file, main.cpp.

Configuring CMake

  1. Copy the FindGemFireNative.cmake script from one of the Native Client examples to the cmake subdirectory.

  2. Create CMakeLists.txt. Copy the file from an example, if you like, as a starting point. The CMakeLists.txt file should contain the following CMake instructions:

    • CMake minimum version
    cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.10)
    • Your project name and language
    project(MyProject LANGUAGES CXX)
    • Minimum language version. For the Native Client, the minimum C++ version is 11.
    • Path to the CMake modules directory where the FindGemFireNative.cmake script is located and an instruction telling CMake to use it:
    find_package(GemFireNative REQUIRED COMPONENTS cpp)
    • The compilation target and the source(s) to be compiled
    add_executable(MyProject main.cpp)

Combined, the above elements comprise the following CMakeLists.txt:

# CMakeLists.txt for C++ Native Client App
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.10)

project(MyProject LANGUAGES CXX)



find_package(GemFireNative REQUIRED COMPONENTS cpp)

add_executable(MyProject main.cpp)


Building the App

  1. Create a build directory and set it as your current directory:

    $ mkdir build
    $ cd build
  2. Run CMake twice, once to configure the build, then again to perform the build, generating the executable application.

    $ cmake ..
    $ cmake --build .

This creates the executable application in your build directory.

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