This topic contains test data on on-demand service instances managed in a deployment.

VMware tested the on-demand broker (ODB) with 500 on-demand service instances using the example Kafka on-demand tile. We recorded how long it took to create, upgrade all, and delete all, with 50, 101, and 500 dedicated service instances. Setup and results are shown below.

Set up

IaaS Google Cloud Platform
Ops Manager v1.9.7
Elastic Runtime v1.9.13
Example Kafka On-Demand Tile v0.15.1
BOSH Director Configuration
Workers 3
Dedicated status worker enabled
On-demand plan configuration
Zookeeper VM type small (1 CPU, 2GB RAM, 8GB Disk)
Kafka VM type small (1 CPU, 2GB RAM, 8GB Disk)


  1. Upload the example Kafka on-demand tile.

  2. Configure the on-demand plan.

  3. Apply changes to install the on-demand service, ensuring that Register On-Demand Broker is checked.

  4. Create N dedicated service instances using the cf CLI.

  5. Make a change to the plan configuration.

  6. Apply pending changes, ensuring that Upgrade All On-Demand Service Instances is checked.

  7. Delete the tile and apply changes, ensuring that Delete All On-Demand Service Instances is checked.


Durations presented in HH:MM:SS format.

Create 50 101 500
average create 00:01:02 00:01:03 00:01:02
total 00:51:28 01:45:40 08:33:37
Upgrade All 50 101 500
average upgarde 00:01:10 00:01:05 00:01:00
total 00:58:37 01:49:42 08:21:08
Delete All 50 101 500
average delete 00:05:09 00:05:04 0:05:00
total 04:17:38 08:31:10 41:38:26

These durations may vary for a number of reasons, for example:

  • Number of BOSH director workers
  • IaaS performance
  • Network latency
  • Service instance BOSH release(s)
  • Service instance deployment configuration
  • VM type of service instance
  • Activity of Elastic Runtime
  • Activity of BOSH Director


For create operations, the on-demand broker creates a BOSH deployment for each service instance. By default, the BOSH Director in Ops Manager v1.9 has three workers with a dedicated status worker, so only two workers are available to process deployment tasks. Therefore, only two service instances can be created at the same time.

For upgrade all and delete all operations, Ops Manager runs a BOSH errand. This errand task occupies a BOSH Director worker, leaving one worker available to upgrade, or delete deployments.

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