This topic explains how to upgrade an individual Redis for VMware Tanzu Application Service on-demand service instance.

You can upgrade your service instances individually if an operator has made a newer version of the tile available and has enabled individual service instance upgrades. For the operator procedure, see Enable Individual Service Instance Upgrades.


Before you can upgrade individual Redis for Tanzu Application Service service instances, you must have the cf CLI v6.46.0 or later.

Upgrade a Service Instance

To upgrade a single service instance:

  1. Confirm that an upgrade is available for the service instance by running:

    cf services

    The upgrade is available when the upgrade available column in the output says yes, for example:

    $ cf services
    Getting services in org system / space system as admin...
    name    service    plan             last operation    broker     upgrade available
    testSI  p.redis    on-demand-cache  create succeeded  p.redis    yes
  2. Upgrade the service instance by running:

    cf update-service SERVICE-INSTANCE --upgrade

    Where SERVICE-INSTANCE is the name of the service instance that you want to upgrade.

  3. When prompted, confirm that you want to update.

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