Kubernetes Distribution Does it work?
kind Yes - we use kind while developing the SCP Toolkit components.
GKE Yes - we run our acceptance tests on a pair of GKE clusters.
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) clusters Yes - we have tested functionality on TKG v1.4.0 on vSphere*
Other Unknown - we haven't tested SCP Toolkit on other distributions yet, but it should** work.
  • * Note that as of SCP Toolkit v0.3.0, kapp-controller v0.24.0+ is required for installation. An older version of kapp-controller is installed on TKG v1.4.0 clusters by default, meaning that in order to install SCP Toolkit v0.3.0+ on TKG v1.4.0, you would need to manually bump the version of kapp-controller. kapp-controller v0.24.0+ is expected to be available from TKG v1.5.0 onwards.
  • ** SCP Toolkit leverages core Kubernetes APIs to provide functionality, as such we would expect it to work on most reasonably up-to-date distributions.
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