• Updated support for authentication to private registries to use new method introduced by kapp-controller v0.24.0 and secretgen-controller v0.5.0, see Authenticating to Private Registries.
  • Increased the resource requirements and limits for Deployments, see Resource Requirements for details.
  • Fixed an issue that did not allow the kubectl-scp plugin to federate multiple APIs from the same group.
  • Fixed replicated Secret not being cleaned up from workload clusters on deletion of original Secret.
  • Fixed incorrect RoleBinding roleRef created by SecretExport in Resource Replication.
  • Removed creation of redundant Role and RoleBinding resources by kubectl-scp plugin for Resource Replication.
  • Switched controller base images to use paketobuildpacks/run:tiny.
  • Added support for service-bindings v0.5.0 to kubectl-scp.


  • Sequential alpha release
  • Adds initial support for API Federation including the following components:
    • API Projection: APIExportRoleBinding, ClusterAPIGroupImport, DownstreamClusterLink and UpstreamClusterLink
    • Resource Replication: ClusterResourceImportMonitor, ClusterResourceExportMonitor , ResourceImportMonitorBinding, ResourceExportMonitorBinding, SecretImport, SecretExport

Breaking changes

  • Renamed ServiceResource and ExampleUsage by adding the Cluster prefix as per Tanzu naming conventions

Refer to Overview, Install, Getting Started and Supported Kubernetes distributions to get started.


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