Service Installer for VMware Tanzu 1.4

Service Installer for VMware Tanzu automates the deployment of the reference designs for Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations on the following platforms:

  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on VMware Cloud
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on vSphere with NSX-T
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on vSphere running vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS)
  • vSphere with Tanzu running vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS)
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on AWS (air-gapped and Internet-connected)
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on Azure

Service Installer simplifies the deployment of a Kubernetes environment. It uses best practices for deploying and configuring the required Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations components, such as:

  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
  • NSX Advanced Load Balancer
  • Shared services such as Contour, Harbor, Fluent Bit, Prometheus, Grafana
  • Integration with Tanzu Mission Control, Tanzu Observability, and Tanzu Service Mesh

Release Notes

See the Release Notes for a summary of what’s new in this release.

Download Service Installer for VMware Tanzu

For the download location, see Release Notes.

Deploy Service Installer for VMware Tanzu

  1. Download the Service Installer OVA.
  2. Log in to vSphere Client.
  3. Start the Deploy OVF Template wizard and provide the required details.

    • Select the Local file option to upload the Service Installer OVA.
    • Provide the required computer resources and storage details.
    • Under Select networks, for Appliance Network, select the management port group.
    • Specify the NTP server and the root password for the VM.

    For more information about deploying an OVA, see Deploy an OVF or OVA Template.

    After the system configuration completes, the OVA deployment begins.

  4. After the deployment is completed, power on the Service Installer for the VMware Tanzu bootstrap VM.

    You can access the Service Installer UI at http://<Service-Installer-VM-IP>:8888/.

    To access the Service Installer CLI, log in over SSH. Enter ssh root@<Service-Installer-VM-IP>.

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